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Auto Body Shop in El Cajon

Auto Body Shop in El Cajon

Auto Body Shop in El CajonAuto Body Shop in El Cajon

Average Repair Costs e.g., Quarter Panels

This vehicle has had all of the outer body panels removed for a complete repaint.

How much will it cost?

We get asked this question all the time. 

Every car is different but here is a rough idea of repair cost:

Bumper Repair: $300 - $800

Front Bumper, Fender and Hood: $1200

Quarter Panel and Rear Bumper: $1200

Qtr Panel, Rear Bumper, and Rear Door: $1400 - $1800

Full Repaint of entire vehicle: Starts at $5,000

Buffing Surface Scratches: $50 per body panel panel

If a panel is dented dented beyond repair, add the cost of the part.

Superficial scratches that don't go deeper than the clear coat or paint transfer (say, from hitting a pole) can be buffed off for $50 per panel. 


Will my Paint match?


Elite uses Du Pont and BASF refinish technology used by your vehicle's manufacturer. 

How it's done: A color code is extracted from each car. 5 color variants are mixed and sprayed onto test cards. The test cards are compared and matched to the exact color and tint of your vehicle. 

Color variances occur due to age, oxidation, sun fade and even the factory where the panel was originally painted. We have the capability to match colors heavy in 'pearl' and 3 stage paints. 

A lifetime warranty comes with all paint work.


I got three estimates and the cost is different on each. Why?

Parts: First, Look at the parts used. 

Are they Original Equipment (OEM)? After Market (A/M)?

Used (Recycled, LKQ)?

Labor Rate: Second, Look at the labor rate. Labor rates vary from shop to shop and include things like Body, Paint and Materials, all listed as an hourly figure.

Hidden Damage: Third, Is there hidden damage? Most shops will give you a "Preliminary Estimate". This includes damage that is visible by looking from the outside. 

Often there is additional "hidden damage" underneath the outer body panels that will need to be accounted for after disassembly. 


The most important part of choosing a shop is the trust you place in them to perform quality work. 

A lower upfront price may result in more cost down the road. Develop a rapport with your collision repair professional and ask lots of questions. 

If the shop is reluctant to explain the estimate to you line by line or tell you where the parts come from, then it may be better to look elsewhere. 

Find out if the repairs are backed by a lifetime warranty and if the shop is registered with the BBB